Earthquake comments.

There were some rather misguided comments in the media regarding this morning’s earthquake. Many people suggested it sounded like a train going past, some even suggesting a High Speed Train.

I don’t know much about HSTs but I’m going, for the sake of argument, to assume they meant a First Great Western class 43. With a length of 220m and with the tremors lasting ten seconds, this would mean the train would be travelling past at 79.2 km/h which is a paltry 49.5 mph or less than 40% of their operational top speed.

Plus, and this is the big one for me, an HST set with fully clagging Paxman Valentas would make a bit of noise, but given that the trains use MTUs, I doubt very much that you’d hear a thing.

So. In future, if there’s an earthquake, let’s not make fatuous comparisons with it to High Speed Trains. The rail network gets enough bad publicity as it is. An earthquake sounds like an earthquake and has nothing to do with trains. Nothing. 


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