Making Money from Trainspotting

February 18, 2007

Trainspotting, whilst incredibly rewarding, does not put food on the plate. It doesn’t pay the bills. However, with some simple editing and a little tweaking of my voice box I think I have the seed of a great FGW advertising campaign. I’ve sent it to their head office in Swindon and am anticipating a positive response.

 Let me know what you all think. 


High Speed Trains in the Snow

February 11, 2007

Train companies have plenty of critics. Plenty. But I’m not one of them. “Ooooh. A couple of snowflakes and the trains stop running.” is the sort of comment that makes my blood boil. Not only is it untrue, unfair and unwarranted, but it is also such a cliche.

Here is proof, if it were needed, that it takes far more than a bit of snow to stop our great train companies from operating.

This movie is dedicated to DelticMatt. If only I had more control over my voice box I could equally express the enthusiasm that I feel when I see these beasts.