66196 with a heavy load

66196 went past the house today with a load of wagons and some sleepers. A welcome sight indeed! However, you’ll have to take my word for it, as all I had in my hand at the time was a pen. (I know what you’re thinking. No, I didn’t have a timetable in my hand!) 

I did, however, manage to photograph the number that I’d noted on a piece of old lottery paper.


Now. Just a general comment here. It’s difficult enough when we see posts like this. What is unforgivable, however, is this file on YouTube. It’s difficult enough being a spotter (or photter, and I should know!) but I see no reason to laugh at DelticMatt. His enthusiasm should be an inspiration to us all. It’s not just about the numbers, people. It’s about the thrill as well. 


2 Responses to 66196 with a heavy load

  1. 50008thunderer says:

    That video clip was made with the permission and approval of ‘delticmatt’. I would not have published it otherwise.

  2. dm says:

    hi . ye i dnt mind long as 2 things

    1 i get to see it b4 it goes up. 2 i say ye or no.



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